41st Annual Collectible Glass Show and Sale


Saturday, July 22 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
(Member and early shopping 8:30am)

Sunday, July 23 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Admission – $8.00 (good both days)
Children under 16 free with accompanying adult

Hudgins Hall, Cobb County Civic Center
548 South Marietta Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30060

Contact: showchair@psdgc.com

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The Peach State Depression Glass Club sponsors this annual show and sale to draw attention to the beautiful American made glass from the 1800s through the depression era and into the mid-century - glass that can be used to decorate your home. Lamps, vases, candy dishes, console bowls and candlesticks all add charm to open spaces; whereas stems, dishes, and serving pieces provide beautiful and impressive table settings for everyday use or on festive occasions.

We invite 28 national exhibitors to share their collection of glass, pottery, kitchen-ware and knowledge with you. They can help you find that sought after piece for your collection or provide you with a nice gift for a friend (Yes the merchandise is for sale!). The proceeds from the show is used by the club to support student scholarships in the fine arts department/glass blowing at Georgia Southwestern University as well as museums which showcase this fine glass across the nation.

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The theme for the 2017 PSDGC show will be Mid-Century Modern / Blenko in honor and memory of Deborah Allen.

Deborah was a long-time member of the club, a past president, an avid-Blenko-glass collector and Blenko expert. She is seen in the adjacent picture with the late William John Blenko Jr., grandson of the founder and past president and CEO of Blenko Glass Company of Milton, WV. They were long-time friends.

The term Mid-Century Modern descriptor was first used in the mid-1950s to describe developments in modern designs (both architectural and product design) which began in the 1940s and continues today by some glass manufactures. The club’s display this year will feature items related to the mid-century life style including glass manufactured by Blenko, Viking, Seneca and few European manufactures. This glass showcases the bright-electric colors of the post war years; unlike the mute pastels of the depression era. It also reflects the new approach to decorating where shape (often curved or chunky) and size (large and chic) mattered. We encourage you to take time to visit this display at the July show.

We want to thank club members Rudy and Marge Ramirez, Roger and Carolyn Newsome, and Rod Allen (Deborah’s husband) for making this display possible. Seen here are pictures from the Newsome and Ramirez family homes so you can see the type of glass that might be used in the display.


Our registration cards (available upon admission) should be filled out and placed in the provided fish bowl. They are used to award numerous door prizes throughout the weekend. Most of these prizes are very nice pieces of glass provided by the dealers and club members for the drawings (winners must be present to claim and select their prize). In addition, this year, we will be giving away two Blenko-glass vases (one 12 inch and one 10 inch, seen here). They will be given in a special drawing at the end of the show. These beautiful vases were donated by the Blenko Glass Company, a family owned business making hand blown and crafted products since 1881. The Blenko winners DO NOT need to be present to claim their prizes, however, they must provide their phone number on the registration card so that delivery of the prize can be arranged.


Our special guest this year is Frank Consentino, author of two books on “Figural Etched Art Glass of the 1870s -1970s.” Frank is a part-time antiques dealer and has spent the last 40 years collecting and researching this fascinating glass. He is an avid collector and has amassed a vast collection of over 2000 pieces: some of which he will have on display for you to enjoy. He will be displaying his books and will gladly sign a copy for you if you wish to purchase it from him. On Saturday, he will be presenting a seminar at 2:00pm.

Seminars: Our seminar speakers are here to share their displays and knowledge with you so plan to attend at least one during your visit to the show.

Saturday 11:30am – Blenko At its Best
Presented by Rod Allen, PSDGC Member, Blenko Collector
Some of the most beautiful artistic hand-blown glass made may be seen here. Rod will share the love that he and his late wife, Deborah, have for this colorful glass. From the Show display to this seminar, you will want to learn more about this special hand-blown glass collection with its exquisite color and skilled craftsmanship. These hand-made pieces of glass are unique and inspiring.

Saturday 12:45pm – The ABCs of Wrinkled Glass - What it is, Who made it, When and Where
Presented by Sandy Bridwell- Walker, Exhibitor/Dealer, Newcomertown, Ohio
View a lovely display of Mid-Century glass and learn about the colors and makers of the designs of this era that we all love! Sandy will also demonstrate how to mix your glass and china to create beautiful, impressive table settings for every day, as well as for festive occasions.

Saturday 2:00pm – A Guide to American Figural Acid Etchings
Presented by Frank J. Consentino Jr, Author and Lifelong Devotee of Glass
Carl Sandburg penned, “They make glass. By day and night, the fires burn on… And bid the sand let in the light.” Come and see the light that is shown through the wonderful acid etchings on glass that Frank Consentino highlights in his book, Figural Acid Etchings 1870-1970, in two volumes. Frank is a wealth of knowledge about this glass produced over a century by our American glass companies. He has spent the last years collecting and researching this fascinating subject, and has detailed 225 acid etchings by 46 glass companies, plus an unknown category. His books explain the meanings of the etchings and their historical, biblical, and mythological backgrounds and his power-point presentation will surely amaze you. Come and see, and fall in love with, this beautiful glass.

Sunday 1:00pm – A Bigger World of Glass
Presented by Cynthia Hillman, Past Director at Large of NDGC, Past Director of NDGCA Museum, Past President of PSDGC
Here's your opportunity to learn about the National Depression Glass Association. Didn't know there was such a thing? It is a good resource for your glass needs and wants. As an added bonus, you will be treated to information about the National Museum of Depression Glass owned and operated by the National Depression Glass Association.


Our knowledgeable club members provide glass ID both days during the show. You are asked to limit the number of pieces you want identified to 3 so all show attendees have an opportunity to take advantage of this service. You will find these helpful individuals busily working in their designated area on the upper level back - to the left of the elevator and near the club glass display.


John Forrester will once again be providing a glass repair service in the room on the upper level back left. He can polish out small chips and smooth rough edges. He cannot put broken pieces back together. Bring your items and he should be able to complete the work while you shop. Price of repair depends on number of pieces and difficulty of the task. He will gladly give you a quote before starting any work you want done.


Members of the National Depression Glass Association will present merchandise for sale. The proceeds of this sale go to support he National Museum of Glass found in Wellington, Kansas. In addition, they will be displaying information about membership and the association. The Houston Museum of Chattanooga, TN ; the Museum of American Glass in WV; and many regional Glass Shows will also be displaying information. Look for this area to the right of the entrance on the upper level.

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